Sam Robbins

Personal Profile

  • Experience in web development - Created a large number of web applications, both in university and as personal projects with a range of technologies.
  • Proficiency in Cyber Security - Completed a 3 day Cyber Security Workshop with Google, and a university submodule in Cyber Security


Programming languages JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, C, Haskell
Software & Tools Next.js, Node.js, Electron, Bash, Powershell, Hugo, Git
Libraries & Packages Tailwind CSS, React, Bootstrap, UIkit, NumPy, NetworkX
Platforms Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Linux


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification June 2020
Computer Science BSc October 2018 - Present
Durham University


Durham University Teaching AssistantOctober 2020 - Present
Taught Software Engineering to second year students
Global Cyber Alliance Summer InternJuly 2020 - September 2020
Worked on a range of projects, including a tool to compare DNS services and a tool to detect the presence of Intel security measures on a computer
DurHack Tech OfficerFebruary 2020 - Present
Ensuring the DurHack hackathon has suitable technology and that it is set up appropriately
Google init.gNovember 2019
Learned about Binary Exploits, Fuzzing, and reverse engineering Android apps
Physics and Maths TutorOctober 2019 - January 2020
Further developing their WordPress site to include new files and change page formatting

Personal and Group Projects

init.OSS September 2020 - Present
A website to guide people in making their first contributions to open source software
Auth0 Hackathon - August 2020
Built a tool which made it easier to add DMARC email verification to your domain on Vercel.
CS Notes - July 2020 - Present
Using Markdown and React created a website to display and organise my university notes
Same Home Different Hacks - June 2020
Used pair programming to create a Flutter app which organized electronic components and assigned them to projects
Hugo Developer Portfolio - December 2019 - Present
Created a portfolio website Hugo theme with the UIkit CSS Framework
DurHack 2019 - November 2019
Created a tool to help people with dementia. Personally integrated Twilio and the Capital One API.